Influence Youths to Create a New World

We need to create change in world as there is no automatic change will occur in the world. There is no born changer, if we want to change the picture of world then we need to create or develop changes. Most of the teenagers are wondering about the changes that how to make changes and how to create a new world, those who think to change but not making efforts to change it then they are always be the back benchers who always raise their hand to give answer but when they get opportunity they know nothing.

It’s time to raise hand together and is the youth of India wants to make positive changes in our country then in spite of wasting time in fighting and their criminal activities that can actually ruin their career they need to do something which give positive and better result in their career as well as nation’s career. To get a perfect way to have to:

Bone up yourself

This is youth world

Be yourself:

If you are not pretending and showing exactly what another wants then you will lose confidence in you as to get the desired result it is important to have perfect knowledge of it. If you are looking to some business and want to make your career with some company then it is really essential to be yourself. So many times you will fall but you will never regret as you do what you want to do and if we want to achieve some best place in this world then we need to navigate our own way as nobody is there to instruct you or guide you.

Build networks:

Build your networks as while building networks you are able to make best relations that can be useful for your business as well as for your career. “Bone up yourself as it necessities for youth to develop their skills and knowledge,” which can be only generate through by building proper networks.

Social service:

Doing social service is also very important for you teenager, most of the gaps between parents and children are arise due to lack of communication. You heard of that charity begins with home so why not first make your parents happy and then take a step ahead to do other things for society.

My motto of writing this article is to encourage the teenagers to walk on the right path by finding some best ways. If you desire to create new world that has so many advantageous factor then you need to be creative as only a creative thinking you can modify the world.


6 thoughts on “Influence Youths to Create a New World

  1. shalini says:

    well done…..very impressive article…..:)

  2. Nitin says:

    u have turned into a youth visionary…keep it up!

  3. rahul says:

    Good Job god bless u:)

  4. Rimjhim says:

    Ossum blog for youth I appreciate your work and wishes you for your good work keep it up.

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