Youth Alert – What Are They?

We teenagers are known as most irresponsible but lovable part of our family. Most of the time our parents hide so many secrets from us as they think that we are not able to respond correctly on that situation. Sometime it is true but not always, now we are young and parents need to understand that we want to share their problem and help them to get rid off from that problem.

Now the youth of India has active mind and we can bring deliberate changes in the society, with our advance and unique thinking now we can change the reflection of our society and cultures. Don’t underestimate the youth of India as we are now going to rock the world and take our India in number one position.

You may hear of the old saying that “the mischievous sprite is always the most active one and this makes the generation gap between parents and children.” However once you understand that what parents expect from us and parents understand that what we are expecting from them then the generation gap will reduce.

With the control of government now youths become very angry as they are always trying to dominate the teenagers. If they understand that what are the functional need of society then there will be no hunger or starvation. Now we need to come together and join the hands to make our India proud and by solving problems of poor and other people we can take one step ahead to make our India crime free.

My main aim of writing this article is to encourage teenagers to come forward and help those who need then. I know at time there are several necessities of youth with that they are struggling very hard but to make a bright future one need to take step ahead and joining hands together to make India proud.


4 thoughts on “Youth Alert – What Are They?

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    nice thought…………great….!!!!!!!!!!!

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